Equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software for additive manufacturing, robotics, and active vibration and noise controls, the Machine, Automation, and Control Systems (MACS) laboratory at UConn conducts systematic research on mass customization, short-run and high-value manufacturing, and controls of complex systems. Our in-house built laser-aided powder bed fusion additive manufacturing testbeds provide unique access to understand, control, and recreate the powerful manufacturing process tailored to user needs. Our Universal Robots, KUKA, and educational robot platforms provide a comprehensive suite of hardware for collaborative robotics research and applications. Our customized control algorithms augment the capabilities and intelligence of the machines and facilitate long-range autonomy applications.

Below are some of our education and outreach platforms and activities.

3D Printing: Learning by Building, Design Competition, fall 2016

3D printing: learn by building class (fall 2016)

Mechatronics and 3D Printing Workshop, Joule Fellows Program, Summer 2016

Solve Rubik’s Cube with UR3 Robots.

Gesture-based robot control

A quad leg spider robot

MACS member Greg presented his research at 4th Annual Fall Frontiers in Undergraduate Research at UCONN!