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The MACS lab participated in the Modeling, Estimation, and Control Conference (MECC) held at Lake Tahoe. During the event, we hosted a workshop covering a range of topics, including part segmentation, viewpoint generation, camera control, robot controls, and the application of AI for highly precise robotic inspection (Colin Acton, Arun…

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🎉 Congratulations to Apra Venkatesh, Dylan Sun, Mike K Kaiwi, and Win Sheng Khoo on completing their master’s degrees! 🎓 We wish them all the best as they embark on exciting new journeys at their respective destinations: PACCAR, Trinity Consultants, Boeing, and ASM. May their future endeavors be filled with…

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Our new paper title “A review of aging, degradation, and reusability of PA12 powders in selective laser sintering additive manufacturing” has just been published at Materials Today Communications. This paper reviews the state-of-the-art on important aspects of aging mechanisms and degradation behaviors of polyamide 12 powders in SLS

Study the frictional properties of ice

End of quarter lab event: MACS lab went to Kraken Community Iceplex for ice skating.

MACS lab member Feifei Yang successfully defended her PhD dissertation on “Understanding and Controlling Re-usability, Aging Kinetics, and Sustainability of Polyamide 12 in Selective Laser Sintering”

Congratulations on Thomas’ pass on qualify, and thanks for the delicious Pizza!