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Congratulations to Gershon Bani for completing his Capstone Project with Prof. Chen. In this project, he welded additively manufactured parts, using Tig and electron beam welding methods. He also conducted the tensile tests and looked into the microstructures of the welded parts.

Congratulations to Tianyu, Hui, and Prof. Chen for receiving the Best Vibrations Paper Award in the 2017 ASME Dynamics Systems and Control Conference at Tysons, Virginia. We thank ASME The Dynamic Systems and Control Division Vibrations Technical Committee for the recognition of our research. The paper is entitled “An Inverse-Free…

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Hui Xiao, Tianyu Jiang, and Yuan Yuan each had a journal paper published in 2017. Congratulations! Way to go! Hui Xiao, Ioan D. Landau, Xu Chen, A Robust Optimal Design for Strictly Positive Realness in Recursive Parameter Adaptation, International Journal of Adaptive Control and Signal Processing Tianyu Jiang, Xu Chen, Transmission of…

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We are glad to introduce three new members to the lab: Dennis, Philip, and Sam. Dennis and Prof. Chen started working together on a NASA UG grant a while ago. Dennis, joining us as a university scholar, will stay with us for the remainder of his UG education, and work on…

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The UTC Institute for Advanced Systems Engineering announced the Breakthrough Award winner, Xu Chen! The priority of the UTC-IASE Breakthrough Award is to provide an award to recognize innovative, transformational and disruptive contributions in the field of advanced systems engineering. The award will be used  to deal with the fundamental challenge of…

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MACS lab members had a terrific Thanksgiving gathering last Saturday in Prof. Chen’s house.

Professor Chen chaired one conference session at ISFA 2016, named  Sensing and Information Extraction I, and two sessions at ACC 2016, named Control of Manufacturing Systems and Control Applications I.

MACS lab members Tianyu Jiang and Hui Xiao presented two papers at ACC 2016. Lab member Dan Wang presented one paper at ISFA 2016. Way to go!

On July 18 2016, the MACS lab hosted a half-day workshop to 12 Joule Fellows from 11 Connecticut high schools. Within a record time of three hours, twelve Fellows built five full- scale Cartesian 3D printing kits, without any prior experience!

Prof. Chen was recently awarded an Integrated e-Learning Modules Mini Grant from Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network (KEEN). On Jun 25 2016 Prof. Chen attended the KEEN Integrated e-Learning Modules: Workshop for Deployment at New Orleans, LA. He will use the award to integrate e-learning module on creative thinking in undergraduate…

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